Our Forest Honey is completely unprocessed honey yet cleaned. It contains all the blessings the bees put in. That’s why Forest Honey is buttery, smooth and spreadable with sweet and crunchy topping. Forest Honey is collected from the beehives in fields of wildflowers planted by nature right here in the Pakistan.

Five years ago, when we were presented this honey in its most natural form, pure and delicious. Our family loved it. Our friends and their friends valued it, and we found we were needing larger quantities of this distinctive, wild-looking honey to give to our ever-widening circle of enthusiastic friends.
Spreading the word, developing the network. The best honey in Pakistan.

We are dedicated to promote the use of nature’s sweetest remedy, advocating environmentally sound beekeeping, and bringing 100% Natural & Pure Honey to the people of Pakistan.

Our Forest honey is packed on-site, straight from the hives. Our low-tech hand packing practices use no heavy or heating apparatus and is suitable for all members of the family to join in, and children are encouraged to learn from, and be part of the course.

No other honey Tastes as good!
One whiff of our honey, with its distinctive aroma of wild flowers, tells you this is something exceptional. With your first taste, you’ll know you are eating somewhat utterly special. The flavor is unlike any honey in the market. The bees elect the color, savor and texture of our honey by the varieties of wildflowers and herbs they forage. We retain these potentials and all the nutrients bees put in by making sure that our honey is never strained.
This is the confidence that we offer every consumer a full money back guarantee if any one is not satisfied with the quality & taste.

To remember; every honey you get is different in taste, aroma & color. It is directly dependent on the flowers for extricate juice, locality of beehives and weather of the harvesting. Fresh harvested honey in often less viscous and light is color. With the time passage it gets more viscous, creamy and dark.

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