In our region, there are false beliefs about what is honey crystallization or honey granulation. Since our childhood we have been listening if honey crystallized, it is surely impure or mixed with any additives like jaggery (Gurr) or sugar or sugarcane juice. These are just myths. Surely some dishonest people use unethical ways to make honey looking fluids but those are not honey at all. There are also some people who heat up the honey or process it, results in losing the useful characteristics of honey.

Honey Crystals

Pure Honey in its raw and unprocessed form may crystallize sooner or later. Don’t worry, It is natural phenomena. Often this freezing of honey is like grains or crystals, and sometimes honey freezes like Desi Ghee. Both are normal occurrences mostly in Winters.

Why does honey crystallize? 

Crystallization of honey directly depends upon the source flowers where from bees suck the juice. All the honey, hundreds of different types, we know today, contains above 70% sugar (fructose and glucose) and about 20% water. It means that honey is a supersaturated solution that is unstable. With the passage of time, it will get more saturated and hence make crystals to be stable solution.

But how it occurs? Glucose in honey separates out from water to make the crystals, while fructose remains as liquid. The crystals are lighter in shade than the liquid because glucose crystals are pure white in nature. This crystallization turns the honey into more viscous and slower flowing.

The temperature at which honey is stored, affects the process of crystallization as well. Placing it in a colder area will increase crystallization rate, while warner areas will prevent the crystal creation. The existence of pollen or dust grains will too accelerate the crystallization course.

Conclusion is that different kinds of honey crystallize differently. Rapid the crystallization happens, the finer are the crystals. These come in several sizes and shapes. Crystallization can be diverse or uniform, and often crystallization happens in different lids within the honey.


Which Honey Crystallizes earlier?

Honey contains 20% water and above 70% sugar; glucose and fructose. If we know the glucose-fructose ratio, we can easily determine the spell to crystallize. Honey having a low glucose-to-fructose ratio will crystallize earlier. Likewise, Honey containing low fructose-to-glucose ratio will crystallize slower.

How to De-crystallize honey?

To De-crystallize the honey, simply place the jar in warm water until it melts back to its natural & fluid form.

Does Pure Honey Expire?

Pure honey never expires. With the passage of time, it alters its color from light to dark. Its viscosity may vary from thick to thin depends upon the region of placement. It also loses its sweetness over the time.

Crystallization & Forest Honey

The Pure Honey we provide has the natural tendency to crystallize. It’s normal phenomenon. This mostly occurs with the change in season and location. If we heat up or pasteurize/process this honey, this will never be crystallized. But it is ethically and legally bad. Heating kills the enzymes & healthful properties of honey. We always provide you with medical graded Raw & cold-extracted honey in its natural form. We don’t use any preservatives or additives.  It is then carefully packed in food grade jars with hygienic conditions.

If crystallization occurs, just place jar in warm water or in sun and honey will melt.  Some people love to use crystallized honey in warm water/milk that tastes awesome and restores energy.

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