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High Quality Anjeer Jam in Pakistan

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The most delicious High quality Anjeer Jam ! The Yummiest Anjeer Jam / Fig Jam is our unique & demanding organic product.

We collect Fresh Figs are from our farm in the Northern areas of Pakistan. After hygienically processed with citric acid, sodium, benzoate sugar and pectin to produce the appetizing fig jam. The process is made in a clean environment to make it best for your health.

Fig / Anjeer






Key Benefits of Fig Jam

  • As being a rich source of dietary Fiber, Anjeer Jam is a reliable home medicine for stomach problems like acidity, constipation and a foundation for the healthy bacteria populating in gut.  It speeds up the movement of diet through the intestinal tract thus improves digestive issues like ulcerative colitis. It helps in soothing digestion and weight management if consumed on regular basis.
  • Figs help to lessen the level of triglycerides in blood. Having a good intensity of potassium and high antioxidant content, fig jam maintains the blood pressure and aids to eliminate unnecessary radicals from the body hence preventing coronary heart disease. It also prevents from hypertension.
  • However, High quality Anjeer Jam is sweet and may raise blood sugar levels in the short run. If you are having concerns with managing blood glucose levels, you must bound your intake of this Jam.

 Your family and children will surely love this special taste of Fig jam. It is best to take in breakfast with bread or Roti.

Each time you get from Fᴏʀᴇsᴛ Hᴏɴᴇʏ, is top grade and rich in quality.


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2 reviews for High Quality Anjeer Jam in Pakistan

  1. Kamran Jameel

    Wao.. It’s wonderful and delicious in taste. 10/10 mashaallah. Well done forest honey for introducing this flavourous variety.

  2. Furqan Mehmood

    Really awesome product. We love its taste.

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